7 days safari

7 days safari

Day 1-3

Will get into the desert of RIG-E JEN (which has not been crossed by human until 2009)

Some locals believe it`s roamed by Jennies.

We`ll stay there for 3 days , have camping with local yummy food by our chef.

Day 4-5

We continue to the desert MESR ( or EGYPT in English )

In the past there was a village there which is destroyed  and after that the desert appeared .

Next night we`ll arrive in GARMEH.

This village has the biggest palm gardens in the region. Overnight We stay at a traditional house .

Day 6-7

After a morning stroll through the palm gardens and water cave, our next desert destination will start.

The day before YAZD  we visit one of the most beautiful ,historical , ancient villages named ‘’KHARANAGH’’ on the way .

clay of the village has a long  story to tell

included :

*All meals- drinks


          2nights traditional house

          4nights camping

*Vehicle during the trip

*Entrance fees

*Tents with mattress

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