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Chabahar, the city of springtime, is the only oceanic port in Iran along the Oman Sea ,overlooking the Indian Ocean.

The city has unique attractions such as the Martian Mountains, which originate from calcareous deposits of marine organisms and sand and clay, these spectacular mountains overlooking the beautiful Oman Sea coast and attract all tourists to their beauty.

On this trip, visiting the Pink Lipar wetland will be the most beautiful sightseeing spot .The descendant generation of the world’s shortest muzzle crocodile in this area known as Gando.

 The Gelshan phenomenon, the Tis pier, the fig tree of the temples and the unsurpassed Chabahar coast will take you to a magical world.

The intense collision of the waves of the sea with the rocky cliffs is a delightful landscape that we will see on this trip.

Chabahar is the only city in the port city of Sistan and Baluchestan, with people who have Baloch dialect and white clothes, hospitable city that openly embraces all domestic and foreign tourists.

Chabahar is also Miami’s latitude in Florida, and because of that, it has the same air

Free Zone Markets is an opportunity to buy from Chabahar Shopping Centers, where we offer night time opportunity to enjoy the opportunity of your day and visit Tesi Market, Saleh Market, Ferdows Market, Pardis Market, Sadaf Market and Chabahar Silk Market,  And in the patrol program, you will visit the Chabahar marketplace, a traditional bazaar.

Traveling to Chabahar will not be completed without  enjoying exciting and fresh seafood. You have a great opportunity to go to seafood restaurants, including the Baloch restaurant, which serves traditional seafood or a restaurant serving special meals, and in large cooper you will have delicious meals.

Enough you to wear the right walking shoes to enter the Chabahar patrols and head to the Gelfeshan and see the phenomenon that drops the flower from the inside and through the serene path to the hive plain and banana and mango gardens

See the boats that are made with love and have beautiful paints that are a sign of the culture and art of Baluchistan people.

Our leader accompanies you to the Chabahar diving hut to make one of the most memorable experiences of the trip, and it’s a diving on the oceanic coast. A short lesson prepares you to go along with the Chabahar Diving Specialist instructors at sea

Here you will have a boat program for you and you may want to swim.

We go to the Tis village, where they say that during the Achaemenid era 2,500 years ago,

Explore the magnificent BAN caves and go to the jinn cemetery to see how this cemetery was created and what are these awesome holes.

We also go to the botanical garden to see all types of local fruits and plants

We take you to Tibet Beach on the Chabahar Tour.Here we introduce the fig tree of the temples, we can look at this tropical tree and take a photo.



Shift by air to Chabahar with one of the available flights, transfer from Chabahar Airport to the hotel, travel to Chabahar with a tourist vehicle , stay in the selected hotel with meals , Tour guide support from the beginning to the end of the tour, travel insurance, payment of incoming visited places, day service

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