Confluence of sea & desert

Confluence of sea & desert

This village  in the southern province of Sistan and Baluchestan and on the beaches of Makran, is a beautiful villages of tourism.

There are no garbage on this beach, and this is why the beach is considered the clearest coast of the country.

In addition to the kind and hospitable people, there are four examples of rocky, sandy, and coral beaches in close proximity.

The village ‘DARAK’ has so far remained unknown to domestic and foreign tourists

But in the unknown of this village, to some extent, it can be assured that the people of Chabahar have little reflection on the address of the village of Derak. Many have not even heard of the name of this spectacular village. Local drivers do not have the exact address of “DARAK,” and they are legendary only to get on the road, get in and find it.

If you make a bit of difficulty on your journey, it seems that you’ve traveled to everything in this world, on a sandy beach relaxed and face to face of the sun , taking its golden look, close to a rocky beach and The horizons of the sky at the sunset

DARAK means silence of canyon . going to this village for nature lovers is an amazing dreamy trip. DARAK`s road is another attraction which is among beautiful  eroded mountain with original landscape that makes tourists really excited .

The bottom side of the beach is the perception of sand dunes, palms and sea. The pristine landscapes that can be stopped for hours or even camps. At the edge of the beach, the temporary kiosk provides the convenience of the tourists. cars and people shows that the journey to the legendary DARK  has demanded a lot.

If you stand between sands and do not have the mental imagination of the Oman Sea, you are probably among one of the famous deserts of the country, but just  go up the hill . The image of the desert and the sea are joining together , creating a beautiful landscape that can be seen for hours

The experience of traveling to this beautiful and dreamy area is not like anywhere else, and every natural lover should touch this hidden paradise in the desert, at least once.

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