8 days

8 days



1-Arrive to Tehran ,transfer to hotel & check in ,after breakfast :

    • visit jewelry museum


  • Golestan palace
  • Iran  national  museum
  •  stay overnight in Tehran

2-Drive to Kashan   

  •  visit Fin garden
  • Tabatabaiha houses
  • Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse
  • stay overnight in Kashan

3- On the way to Isfahan

  • visit Abyane traditional village
  •  Sio se pol & Khajoo  bridge
  • stay overnight in Isfahan

4-Visit Jame mosque

  •  Vank church
  • Pigeon house
  • stay  overnight  in Isfahan

5- Full day to  Naghsh Jahan complex

  • (Aliqapu- Lotfolah mosque – Shah mosque – traditional  bazar of Isfahan)
  • Chehel  sotoun palace
  •  stay  overnight  in Isfahan

6-Drive to shiraz

  • visit Pasargad  
  •  Eram garden
  •  Tomb of Hafez
  • stay overnight  in Shiraz

7-Visit Nasir Al MOlk mosque

  • visit Persepolis
  • Naghshe  Rostam
  •  stay overnight  in Shiraz

8- Transfer  to international  airport

  • back to home



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