North of Iran, or shortly north, is a geographical term that is said to be relatively fertile but fertile land in the south of the Caspian Sea and north of the Alborz mountain range.

It includes the provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran and part of Golestan province.:

Gilan and Mazandaran provinces have fewer distances with Tehran and are more likely to be selected for short trips

Beautiful GILAN tour

Our destinations:

ANZALI: nzali, which today becomes a commercial free zone, is very suitable for purchase. There is a lot of fishing in it, and its commercial jetty is pretty scary. Anzali is a very flat and coastal city that has warm and humid summers and mild winters, and has the title of the most plentiful. Anzali’s spectacular wetlands is also a natural attraction.

Fouman: Fumann has a fantastic natural appearance and is considered a mountainous city. The city of Fouman is one of the tourism hubs in Iran. From the spectacular attractions of this city, you can see the historical city of Masuleh, the castle of Qala Rudkhan, as well as the historical city of Fouman. There are also landscapes, plains, rivers and beautiful mountains in the city

RASHT: The city of Rasht, which is also the provincial capital, has a 22-kilometer coastal strip, in which 14 sanitation schemes were built . in the city its hospitable people like other cities of the country warmly welcome you.

MASULEH: The city of Masouleh is one of the northern cities of Iran in the city of Fouman, which is fascinated by tourists due to its staircase architecture and is very busy every spring, summer and autumn. Around the city you can visit the waterfalls and beautiful forests.

* Accommodation in camping and traditional houses

* Daily patrols and accommodation along with breakfast and lunch

* Duration: 4 nights and 5 days

1– driving  to the east of Gilan– Kabab Gilani for lunch  – Visit the Museum of Rural Heritage-  visiting Rice and Tea Fields – Gilan Pools and Familiarity with the Culture of Life of Lajiang- Lahijan Roof – Rural Wetlands of Gilan- Soustan – Komala Region

2-Sightseeing in coastal areas-seafood- Visit of the Great Anzali Aquarium-Rowing in Anzali Lagoon

3-Sightseeing in Masuleh – Masouleh Traditional Food (Masuleh is like a town itself and takes 1 day to visit)

4-Visiting Rasht Museum – Excursion to the traditional municipality mall of Rasht – Local food – Visiting the castle of Rudkhan – Forest huts – cooking food in nature

The entire patrol and daily program can be changed at the request of the passenger.

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