ski in tehran or karaj


Departure at 9 am

The  car/bus  will drive in a location within the limits of Tehran or Karaj  (home, hotel, airport).

The track will take 2:30 hours in normal road conditions.

 You can arrange your ski equipment at a reasonable price before arriving at the Hotel Dizin in the village of Vila Rood.

 Of course, in Dizin hotel No. 2, there are also high quality, affordable, and affordable ski resorts


After getting out of the car, you can go to the hotel and get your room.

 You can take this day to relax, snow, ride, or prepare your skiing equipment.

You can go to the hotel’s restaurants for dinner at night and have a good time.

Stay at Dizin Hotel.


 The Dizin ski resort starts at 8:30 AM and closes its doors at 5:30 AM.

 Enjoy the facilities of this ski resort at your convenience.

This ski resort has a ski school, which provides you with group or individual classes.

 There are several restaurants on this trail where you can go and have lunch for lunch.

Stay at Dyson Hotel.


On the last day, you can relax in the space of the collection or go to the resort and show your ski skills. Guests are kindly requested to check out the room to the hotel before 12 noon. The hotel will check you back before 6 pm.

Dizin Hotels

These hotels are undoubtedly one of the best and most attractive residential and tourist destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists, due to their location in a beautifully landscaped area with its pristine nature and its proximity to the ski resort of Dizin.



Also, according to the close proximity of this hotel to the province of Tehran, the temperature difference of 20 degrees centigrade in this area with the Tehran metropolitan area is noted.

 This unique feature of its kind has led to the 4 to 5 month ski resort of Dizin in some snowy years.

Dizin Ski Resort welcomes in attractive and skilful skiing and hosts of domestic and international skiing each year.

It is remarkable to say Dizin resort is the welcomes  a large number of enthusiasts interested and athletes from all over the world and also international competitions in different times of year .

SAHEL  E AFTAB  is one of the travel agencies which attracts ski tourists to Iran .

As you know Iran ski resort is located in Chaloos road near Karaj from  123 km Chaloos road and 74 km of Karaj city.

This resort has 4 chairlifts to different areas around the resort.

This resort is 3600 m high which has 57 km ski rout.

 There are 2 hotels and 19 suits in the resort and also 5 restaurants and other facilities .

 Skiers’ time is from the beginning of December to the end of May, when Iranian and foreign tourists and escorts can take part in the sport of interest on this track.

Very good winter weather (20-centigrade) with a lot of sunny days and the most pleasant summer weather (20+ centigrade), with plenty of facilities and convenient access, transformed Dizin into a winter-summer tourist resort in the Middle East.

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