Kashan is a historical city which is the capital of the city and is part of the province of Isfahan. The city is located in the center of Iran 220 km south of the capital, 90 km from Qom and 200 km from the provincial capital (Isfahan city).

Kashan is the base of traditional Iranian culture and culture known as Darul Mu’minin. It has more than 7,500 years old urbanization and one of the most beautiful cities in Iran.

Kashan was the first inhabited place of human settlement and civilization on the planet, called the Silk Civilization, and was the first Aryan civilization and the first dialect, accent, and current Aryan and Persian language of this civilization.

No city and place in Iran and its civilization will reach Kashan and Sialk.

Kashan is a city with authenticity and with many scientific and literary celebrities and plays a significant role in the tourism industry of Iran. Some of the historians consider Kashan the most authentic and first city in Iran and the world

Like other ancient Iranian cities, Kashan retained its traditional urban architecture until the early twentieth century, this traditional arrangement formed during the Seljuk and Safavid era continued until the Qajar era, during the Pahlavi era, and especially in the second half of the 20th century, strongly Changed

Earlier in the Islamic era, geographic texts referred to Kashan as a small city. Subsequently, development on the Iranian plateau and the central location of Kashan and its communication paths made the city the most important industrial site, henceforth more as a city in The average size and, of course, successful of Kashan is mentioned.

 In the Mongol invasion, the city is destroyed and rebuilt a little later.

In the Safavid era ,kings often used to be inhabitants of the city, and from this city is considered as a major and rich commercial center.

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